Sea day today cruising towards Dutch Harbor and Unalaska. Spent the day with guest and delivered a number of information sessions. Key note presented this afternoon: "The Forgotten Battle - The Invasion of the Aleutian Islands WW2” Huge turnout for both sessions.

The team is setting up multiple very high powered binoculars throughout the ship to facilitate wildlife viewing.

The Serenity has installed a gyro-stabilized, gimbal system CINEPLEX 5 axis RED 6K Carbon Fiber Dragon Camera. This system uses a 30-300 Canon cinematic lens to capture wildlife off in the distance. The HD images are then beamed throughout the ship and onto multiple 5K viewing screens setup around the ship - amazing technology. Naturalist are getting in place for an anticipated explosion in whale and bird sightings in and around Dutch Harbour.

In at Dutch Harbour first thing tomorrow.


1 & 2) Viewing screens on deck, 3) Camera Array, 4) Leaving Kodiak