Dutch Harbor & Unalaska
Coordinates 53° 53’20” N 166° 31’ 38” W
Dutch Harbour is located in the Fox Islands and more accurately on Amaknak Island. The Commander of a Russian ship Zakharii I Elisaveta is credited with discovering this deep water port. It is now a major international port and centre of major commercial fishing activities.
The native people in this area are known as Aleut.
Dutch Harbour and Unalaska were attacked by Japanese forces in June of 1942. Evidence of the bombing remains to this day. The Japanese ultimately invaded and occupied 2 islands in the Aleutian lslands (Kiska and Attu). The occupying force remained on US soil for over 12 months.
Photos: 1) Angry Bunker, 2) Harbour Entrance, 3) Harbour Entrance w/ Boat, 4) Rope & Mountain, 5 & 6) Helping Hands