Ghost Passages of the McKenzie Shipyards

An Exhibition by Tracy McMenemy

January 7 - April 3 2016

TK Gallery

Ghost Passages of the McKenzie Shipyards is an artist’s resurrection by Vancouver-based mixed media artist Tracy McMenemy.

A once thriving North Vancouver working-class community in the 1930s – 60’s, the McKenzie shipyards were torn down by developers in August of 2014. The day before the demolition, McMenemy documented, archived and collected various objects from the site.

Taking these items and applying a variety of artistic techniques, McMenemy continues her iconic method of re-contextualizing images beyond the point of recognition. Using symbols of the working class, she captures a moment, frozen in time, of the lively shipyards now desolate and forbidding. McMenemy’s creations bring light to the darkness, creating stories that will remain after the society that surrounds them fades.

Ghost Passages of the McKenzie Shipyards is a blueprint for a graveyard and a resurrection of the blood, labour and loss seafarers suffered during the better part of their lives working at the shipyard.

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