High Arctic Explorer with VMM in 2017/18

We're partnering with One Ocean Expeditions to bring you a Museum-led voyage through the Northwest Passage in the Summer of 2017 and 2018!

Classic Northwest Passage Voyage

August 5 - August 14, 2017 (9 Nights, 10 Days)

Robyn Woodward, Executive Board Member from the Vancouver Maritime Museum, will lead you on this historical journey on the annual expedition into the Northwest Passage in 2017.  Robyn is an Adjunct Professor at Simon Fraser University and teaches part-time for the Archaeology Department and Continuing Education.*

"Join us on this adventure experience, as we embrace the unique history of the Northwest Passage in the same waters that were traversed by Arctic explorers many years ago." Robin Woodward, VMM

Vancouver Maritime Museum presents the floating edition of Across the Top of the World: the Quest for the Northwest Passage. This exhibit centres on one of the greatest stories of exploration and discovery: the European quest for a Northwest Passage, an oceanic shortcut from the Atlantic to the Pacific across the top of North America. Immerse yourself in the stories told within this exhibit as you journey through the Northwest Passage in the footsteps of Franklin, Amundsen and Larsen.

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Through the onboard Arctic Explorers lecture series with Ken Burton and Ducan MacLeod you will learn about the Arctic's environment and people; the many voyages of discovery; the search for John Franklin’s lost expedition, both historical and modern, and the ultimate discovery of HMS Erebus by Parks Canada. During the trip you will also get the chance to take part in some hands on archeology.

The search for the passage, its eventual discovery, and the saga of human endeavour in the far north are longstanding aspects of the history and culture of what is now Canada.

For more information, download the info sheet here:
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To secure your place on this voyage, contact Worldwide Quest, a One Ocean Expeditions & Vancouver Maritime Museum Partner and exclusive booking agent. You will then receive a reservation form to complete.

1.800.387.1483 |  QUOTE: VMM2017 or VMM2018 

This voyage includes return charter flights, Edmonton to Resolute, plus pre-voyage accomodation at the historic Fairmont MacDonald Hotel.

Prices from US$6,495 

Check out our photos from our trip through the Northwest Passage last summer: vmm-arctic.com

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