The Vancouver Maritime Museum Board of Trustees is pleased to announce the appointment of RCMP Captain Ken Burton to the position of Executive Director of the Vancouver Maritime Museum (VMM).  This is an interim appointment and Captain Burton will remain in the role while an international search is conducted for a permanent Director.

Captain Burton has been released from his regular duties as the Administration Officer at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Pacific Region Training Centre in Chilliwack, to facilitate this appointment.

 “I look forward to a dynamic and exciting time,” says Burton. “I am very grateful for the trust that the Vancouver Maritime Museum has in me and the support of the RCMP for this partnership.”

In 2000, Captain Burton was the commander of the RCMP Patrol Vessel Nadon during the Vancouver Maritime Museum epic re-creation of the voyage of the original St Roch. In that year the Patrol Vessel Nadon – along with support from an all-volunteer crew on the Canadian Coast Guard vessel Simon Fraser - completed a record setting, 169 day 24,000 nautical mile, circumnavigation of North America through the Northwest Passage.  The voyage was part of the Canadian government millennium celebrations.

 The Vancouver Maritime Museum, located at Kits point in Vancouver, is the home of a world class collection of maritime artifacts, a maritime research library, the Henry Larsen rare book library and of course the RCMP Patrol Vessel St Roch.

 “It is a little like coming home,” commented Captain Burton as he inspected the original St. Roch on his first day at the helm. “This is a magical place and everyone in Vancouver, or visiting the area, needs to experience this remarkable facility.”

“We are both excited and pleased that Captain Burton has agreed to the interim role and look forward to this next stage in the museum’s history,”says Dr. Craig Beattie, President, Board of Trustees, Vancouver Maritime Museum.