Raise the Sails & Ring the Bell

Celebrate the re-opening of the St. Roch with us on May 31st!

We're opening up the Vancouver Maritime Museum on May 31st for a free, full-day family celebration. Featuring the once-in-a-lifetime hoisting of the main sail of the St. Roch, sailors tattoos, photo ops with a real life Mountie, an RCMP Patrol Boat, free RCMP books for members and much more.

Date: Saturday, May 31st, 2014

Time: 10am - 5pm | Ceremony starts at 11am | Final St. Roch line-up at 3:45pm

Location: Vancouver Maritime Museum

Air Foamposite One Glowing

The Lazy Jacks

The Lazy Jacks are a shanty crew who have been singing traditional sea shanties and other songs of the sea since 2009. Performing acapella (without instruments) and in multi-part harmony, they preserve and promote the tradition of sailors’ working songs from the time of the tall ships to the present with a repertoire drawn from Canada, Britain, and the United States. The Jacks have performed for the Vancouver Folk Song Society, the Hollyburn Sailing Club Wooden Boat Festival, the Royal Society of St. George, Brackendale Farmers’ Market, and CJSF radio’s live folk music program, Melodies in Mind.

Airbrush Tattoos

Back from our Tattoos & Scrimshaw exhibit, these airbushed tattoos are always a huge hit!

RCMP Patrol Boat

In addition to the St. Roch itself, you can tour a modern RCMP patrol boat. That is, as long as it doesn't get called away on police business!