Across the Top of the World: the Quest for the Northwest Passage

Opens may 9 2015 - FEB 26 2017

Vancouver Maritime Museum presents Across the Top of the World: the Quest for the Northwest Passage. This exhibit centres on one of the greatest stories of exploration and discovery: the European quest for a Northwest Passage, an oceanic shortcut from the Atlantic to the Pacific across the top of North America.

This exhibit will transport you to the Arctic where you will learn about its environment and people; the many voyages of discovery; the search for John Franklin’s lost expedition, both historical and modern, and the ultimate discovery of HMS Erebus by Parks Canada. 

The search for the passage, its eventual discovery, and the saga of human endeavour in the far north are longstanding aspects of the history and culture of what is now Canada.

With thanks to James Delgado, whose book Across the Top of the World acted as the basis for this exhibit.