Ships and the Sea

An Exhibition of Marine Paintings by Chi-Ming Yeung

January 13th - April 5th in the TK Gallery

Marine painting is an important element in our museum. The images a painter creates are illustrative, imaginative and dramatic. After the hard facts are presented, there is always room in a painting for viewers to imagine. As an institution promoting the interpretation of the maritime world and history, we are excited to exhibit the marine paintings of Chi-Ming Yeung. We find his work both educational and inspiring.

Ming grew up in Hong Kong, a city blessed with a beautiful harbour. From his bedroom window, he could see all types of ships; ferryboats, cargo ships, ocean liners and warships. Drawing them was his favourite pastime as a schoolboy. But he left that passion behind and made graphic design his career after college graduation. In 2007, he joined the Burnaby Artists Guild and picked up his childhood passion and started painting again. As you walk through the show, look at his paintings and read his notes on each work, you will find his passion for history and the sea living in the brush strokes.

The painting above is of the Empress of Canada, and is by Chi-Ming Yeung.

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