Where Land and Water Meet

An exhibition of art and historical photographs exploring the water's edge

In the TK Gallery

October 3 2014 - January 11 2015

Humans have been drawn to the places where land and water meet since time immemorial. Coastal landscapes are places of beauty and contemplation. Shorelines are rich in biodiversity and support our livelihoods. In coastal cities like Vancouver, the waterfront today is shaped by industry, development, transportation, and shipping. We swim, play, dive, paddle and sail along its edges. Our relationship with the waterfront is complex and ever present. 

This exhibition of contemporary artwork by local artists and historial photographs from the Maritime Museum’s collection invites you to explore these themes. What does Vancouver’s waterfront mean to you?

  • Elias Crespo Molato
  • Jolene Andrews
  • Chris Fletcher
  • Wes Brown
  • Brenna Mackinder
  • Michelle Lim
  • Jessica Ngo
  • Robi Smith
  • Historical photographs selected from the City of Vancouver Archives by historian John Atkin.
Images above are: 

- Reflections under the Burrard St. Bridge by Michelle Lim 

- Ambleside View by Claire Tam 

Published with kind permission from Capilano University (add link to: http://www.capreflections.com


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