Birthday parties at the Maritime Museum

Ahoy there! Throw your next great birthday party at the Maritime Museum. Is your child’s birthday party just around the corner? Looking for some creative birthday party ideas? You supply the kids, we supply the party!

Our staff-guided parties are two hours long and packed full of crafts, stories, and fun activities. We'll do most of the work so you can relax. All parties are suitable for boys and girls and will be tailored to the ages and interests of the children.

Children ages 4 to 8 choose a party theme:


  • Pirates!

  • Ahoy me hearties! Come aboard to discover how pirates work and live together navigating the open seas! Explore Pirate’s Cove, hear tales of buccaneers and buried treasure, and practice talking like a pirate!


Meet the hardest working boat in the harbor – the tugboat! Whether it’s towing a barge or moving a huge freighter, tugboats can do it! Our salty tugboat crew will get you in ship shape for working out at sea.

Legends of the Sea - NEW

Explore mermaid lore from around the world and uncover the secrets of sea monsters. From Sedna, Arctic sea goddess, to the Ogopogo of Okanagan Lake, this party will be legendary!

Arctic Animal Adventures - NEW

Brr…it’s cold in the Arctic! Can you stay warm like a polar bear or swim like a narwhal? Discover what Arctic animals do to survive and adapt to life in Canada`s most extreme environment. 

All parties include:

  • Two hours of party space rental in a private room for maximum of 15 children
  • Trained Museum staff to facilitate party
  • Parking permit for host of party on scheduled day
  • Table and chair set up with seating for party guests
  • Themed crafts and activities
  • Time to explore museum's galleries
  • For details or to book your special birthday party, call 604-257-8304 or email